Kelly Makes Move at Wrong Time

Kelly Makes Move at Wrong Time

Level 18: 8,000-16,000/16,000

Thomas Beck went from recent hero to zero on table one, which then saw another casualty as Barry Devlin lost the rest of it to David Tous.

Also gone is Una Kelly from table four when she got involved in a preflop raising war. She opened to 35,000 and Sandro Carucci three-bet to 95,000 one seat over. Kelly four-bet to 200,000 and then called it off for around 325,000 when Carucci jammed.

Una Kelly:
Sandro Carucci:

Board: – trips aces for Carucci to reduce the field to 20 players, locking up €1,140 for all those remaining. Akseli Hosia collected as much when he busted two minutes later.

By the way, Joe “Stapes” Stapleton is still in and keeps buying drinks for players in the event.

David Tous – 1,200,000
Sandro Carucci – 850,000
Una Kelly – Eliminated in 22nd Place (€990)
Barry Devlin – Eliminated in 21st Place (€990)
Akseli Hosia – Eliminated in 20th Place (€1,140)