Kehoe Survives Cowboy Shootout

Kehoe Survives Cowboy Shootout

Stephen Kehoe is currently riding the waves of variance like a professional surfer.

The first wave saw his stack crash – his As Qs running smack into Sander Ostlyngen’s pocket kings in a preflop war and although Kehoe flopped two spades to open up hopes of an outdraw, this glimmer was extinguished as the board bricked.

Ostlyngen rose to 21k and Kehoe was down to around 15,000.

He was immediately back into the mix, raising it up and facing stiff resistance from the big-stacked Stephen Malone. Once again the pair committed all their chips (though Malone had Kehoe well-covered.)

The cards were revealed – a wry smile from Kehoe and a hearty laugh from Malone – as Kehoe showed the cowboys had been dealt to him this time. Malone meanwhile had been coolered with pocket queens. The board peeled off ace-high, with no sign of a queen and Kehoe was back almost where he started with just over 30,000. Malone meanwhile shrugged off this cold deck – still holding an above average stack of over 60,000.