Just a Casual Four-Way All-In

Just a Casual Four-Way All-In

Seamus McCafferty

Level 33: 150,000-300,000/300,000
Field: 27/5,320 Remaining

Patrick Cronin jammed for 4,475,000 and Seamus McCafferty called all-in for 1,550,000. Jonathan Daly then sigh-called all-in for around 2,400,000 before Daniel Lewis was pained by the decision behind them.

“I gonna need a minute …” he said and then added “this is fuckin awful” before he called, creating a four-way all-in.

Seamus McCafferty:
Jonathan Daly:
Patrick Cronin:
Daniel Lewis:

The best hand could not hold as the board ran out . Daly was eliminated, Cronin and McCafferty chopped the main pot and Lewis lost a chunk of 2,925,000 to Cronin.

Patrick Cronin – 7,500,000
Seamus McCafferty – 3,250,000
Daniel Lewis – 1,200,000
Jonathan Daly – Eliminated