Jakobsen Challenges for Chip Lead

Jakobsen Challenges for Chip Lead

Windsor: Queens into aces, a weird way

Ashley Windsor opened under the gun for the min 32,000. It folded round to Thomas Jakobsen who three-bet to 100,000. Windsor made the call.

Flop: 2s 9h 7d. Both players checked quickly.

Turn: Kh. Windsor led out for 80,000 (with 700k or so behind) and Jakobsen almost beat him into the pot, all the time fixing him with an unblinking stare.

River: 3c. Seemingly without taking his eyes off his opponent (who now checked), Jakobsen quickly counted out 250,000 and pushed it forward. For the first time, there was a pause in the hand. Windsor did make the call eventually, however.

Jakobsen: As Ac
Windsor: Qh Qd

Windsor dropped to around 500,000 asking “How do you check aces there? You can’t have aces!” even though he clearly did and had. Jakobsen now has over 2.3 million chips and we predict is going to be a late afternoon thorn in Table 3’s side.