“It’s Been Interesting” for Arjut

“It’s Been Interesting” for Arjut

Level 10: 1,000/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 228/599

While notable players in 2013 Irish Poker Open Main Event champion Ian Simpson and poker author and The Chip Race podcast co-host Dara O’Kearney won’t be adding a The Hendon Mob Championship victory to their poker resumes, many other big names are still in both from Ireland and beyond.

While Estonian resident and Friend of the Irish Poker Open Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk could represent Estonia but usually represents his home country of Sweden, Estonia has a much better representative in the well-rounded poker player and all-around good guy Allan Arjut, who recently joined the board of the Estonian Poker Federation.

Arjut has had his ups and downs. He won two big pots with cowboys, including a four-way pot against queens, nines, and sevens, and catapulted his stack to 180,000.

Arjut then shared he lost a big pot to double Michael Lech after his queens proved to be no good against aces.

“I didn’t believe him when I called the four-bet preflop,” said Arjut. “I didn’t then believe him after a king came on the flop and called a small bet before the rest went in on the turn.”

This wasn’t all, as Arjut doubled up an opponent he called “Banana Hat” due to his colorful cap when Benjamin Barrows won a flip with big slick against pocket jacks.

“It was a queen and ten on the flop,” said Arjut. “Blank on the turn and just praying no jack on the river.”

Of course, the jack came to improve Arjut to a set but Barrows instead doubled his stack with Broadway.

“It’s been interesting,” Arjut said with a smile before getting ready for the next hand.

Michael Lech – 120,000
Allan Arjut – 80,000
Benjamin Barrows – 70,000