I Fully Expected to Have Two Live Cards

I Fully Expected to Have Two Live Cards

Bit of an odd one over on Table 45, where a shortish-stacked Paul Newey opened to 2,000 and was called in three spots before it got round to big blind (and erstwhile chip leader) Neil McNamee. He moved all in (setting everyone else all in) and it was back to Newey, who called for 19,200. Benjamin Lebor thought for a good while himself (playing a stack of 130,000) before folding; the other callers didn’t take any time at all to fold.

McNamee showed down an unexpected 7s 4s.
Newey tabled 4c 4d

“I fully expected to have two live cards,” commented McNamee.

For a moment the deck looked unfriendly to Newey as his opponent flopped a straight with 5c 6c 8c.

“Oh my god!” said Newey, and the phone came out to record the horror. Luckily the horror ended with a 9c on the river that gave him a flush and a double up, while McNamee didn’t really feel the hit – he still has over 180,000.