Hugh Smyth leaves himself a chip, bubble bursting

Hugh Smyth leaves himself a chip, bubble bursting

After Jamie Flynn doubled up on the outer table to preserve the bubble, on about the sixth or seventh deal of hand for hand, Mr Hugh Smyth potted from the button, which worked out to 27,000. Bryan Carroll re-potted to — well a lot.

It was more than enough because Carroll had started the hand with 28,000, his maximum wager left a chip behind. Once he verified that the other two tables had finished the hands they were on, he left that last 1,000 chip drop into the pot. He was in trouble, the €625 min cash at risk of evaporation.

Smyth: Qh Td 3h 3d

Carroll: Ad Ac Ts 8s

The board began 6s 6c 5h … so Smyth was in trouble. He had hearts and a three, or running queens.

The turn was the Tc, but not even the case ten would do it. It was a three or bust. And this morning it was bust on the Jh river. One heart and one three short spelled no chips.

Everyone would now be walking away with at least €625 and a round of applause could be heard over the shuffling of early morning chips.