Huge Hand for Bulcsu (Farell, Brunnmayr OUT!)

Huge Hand for Bulcsu (Farell, Brunnmayr OUT!)

Following Roland Boothby’s elimination in 16th (€1,670), Mario Niciforo was next to fall as his shove with a straight draw failed to yield fruit and he succumbs in 15th place for €1,670 to add to the trophy he won last night at The Hendon Mob Championship. Not a bad few nights’ work!

Then we saw the biggest pot of the tournament as Lukacs Bulcsu raised to 80k from late position, only for Daniel Brunnmayr to jam all-in for 700k from the small blind. Suddenly Niall Farrell in the big blind became interested as well, eventually ALSO making the call for his smaller 340k ish stack.

Bulcsu now had to face two jams behind him (covering both), considered it for a few moments…and called! An astounding turn of events.

Tens for Bulcsu, AK for Brunnmayr and AQ for Farrell – a flop of Ts 8h 4h 3s 3c gave Bulcsu this enormous near 2 million pot and sent Farrell crashing out in 14th for €1,670 and Brunnmayr joining him on the rail in 13th for the marginally larger €1,925.

Incredible scenes!

“That was a big one,” Bulcsu murmured, clearly excited at this huge swing in his fortunes, now up to over 2 million in chips…