Hallabro Not Hollow, Bro

Hallabro Not Hollow, Bro

Level 33: 100,000-250,000/250,000
Field: 28/5,320

In the very last hand before the break, Marcus Hallabro limped from the small blind. Paul Simmons checked his big blind and it was flop-time.

Both players checked on . On however, Hallabro bet 250,000. Simmons stared his opponent down before making the call.

River revealed and Hallabro didn’t slow down. He fired 750,000 which made Simmons rather uncomfortable. After some consideration, he threw in the chips for the call. Hallabro turned over for two-pair and Simmons mucked.

Marcus Hallabro – 5,200,000
Paul Simmons – 4,500,000