Gigantic field in the Ladies’ Event

Late reg has now closed in the €250 single re-entry Ladies Event and we are delighted to announce that this year’s field is well over double last year’s. Were they all lured by the promise of a sterling silver Claddagh pendant for the finalists? Who knows! But here they all are (or were) – 136 entries in total, creating a €28,508 prize pool. First prize is €6,919 with 23 players getting paid.

Among those taking part is former Irish Open presenter and producer Rebecca McAdam, who actually met her husband Wez at the Irish Open in 2012 when she interviewed him after his victory in the beer pong comp (!). Pictured below is the moment that love struck – Wez on the left and his friend Dan O’Brien on the right. Rebecca decamped to the States two years ago but is currently in Dublin visiting family and couldn’t resist the opportunity of joining in the tournament. Bex is about to launch her own agency focused on gaming and entertainment and is continuing with her work championing women in poker. Full public launched coming in a matter of weeks!!!

Wesley Willets, Rebecca McAdam, Dan O’Brien

Also competing today are PokerStars Ambassador Marle Spragg and PokerStars Team Pro Georgina James, Women’s International Chess Master Sabrina Chavannes, Irish Open Ambassador Karen Muir, Debs Worley-Roberts, Rachel Warburton, MainEventTravel’s Kelly Saxby, Charlie Waters, Women’s International Chess Master Sabrina Chavannes, 2022 America’s Cup champion Mor Kamber, Ireland’s most successful female player Annette O’Carroll, Natalie Bromley, Kim Kilroy and Canadian Sunday Million champ Vanessa Kade

Numerous players won their seats into the tourney including satellite winner Jenny Steele, Claire Hopkins who snagged her seat in an International Women’s Day competition on the Irish Open’s social media pages and science author Alex O’Brien, who won her seat at the live show to celebrate the 300th episode of Poker In the Ears.

Also competing are Annette Wood and Sarah Day from Ohio. They are here after meeting Grosvenor stalwart Rick Trigg in Vegas. He bigged up the Irish Open, they loved the sound of it and now here they are, competing in their first ever tournament in Ireland.

Last year’s winner Elizabeth Bennett-Martin – now a Friend of the Irish Open – has bust so no back-to-back win for our lovely Canadian.