Geleziunas Hits a Triple Against Bushell

Geleziunas Hits a Triple Against Bushell

Matthew Peter Bushell is facing a lot of triple barrels in the waning pre-final table stages of this tournament. Last time he folded against Justin Boyle. This time the heat would be just as hot.

Tomas Geleziunas raised to 250,000 on the button (blinds now 50,000-100,000) and Bushell defended his big blind with a call. 650,000 in the pot before the spread of the flop.

The Kc 3c 4s flop went check, 180,000 continuation bet, call. 1,010,000 in the pot now.

The turn was the 5c, co-ordinating the board considerably. The bet that came from Geleziunas after his opponent checked was 500,000 even. Third time a call for Bushell.

Can you keep track of the sums? 2,010,000 in our pot now. It was ballooning.

The river was the 9d, a big blank. Bushell checked one last time and with an air of confidence Geleziunas moved all-in. He covered and Bushell took to his routine — counting his stack precisely. It was 1,750,000, to be precise. He made the call. Maybe he was tired of being pushed around. Maybe he had set up Geleziunas. But after he called he turned over Kd 3d, he had flopped two pair and just checked and called.

Geleziunas had a lot of potential on the turn, Ac 6s, but it had all fizzled. A clean double for Bushell.