From 13 to 11 in a Minute

From 13 to 11 in a Minute

Level 20: 10,000-25,000/25,000

There were two seat open at the same time and both Leo Worthington-Leese as well as Yevhen Pavlenko earned €1,730 for their efforts, setting up the two table redraw with just 11 players still in contention.

Worthington-Leese pushed a short stack of around five blinds in the new level from the button and exposed the when Justin McCartan called in the big blind with the .

The runout gave McCartan a king-high straight and second knockout in a row. Pavlenko was gone moments later, all cards already gone.

Justin McCartan – 800,000
Leo Worthington-Leese – Eliminated in 13th place (€1,730)
Yevhen Pavlenko – Eliminated in 12th place (€1,730)