Fotios Ntamaris Busts in 6th for €5,555

Fotios Ntamaris Busts in 6th for €5,555

A huge pot just brewed three-way that ended up in the elimination of Fotios Ntamaris, who kicked it all off with raising to 200,000 preflop (blinds 40k/80k), leaving just 90,000 behind. Jacob Mulhern in the cutoff made the call. Button Alessandro Pichierri then raised to 500,000; Ntamaris was all in in a heartbeat and Mulhern called once more.

Both live players checked the 6d Kc Ks flop.

The 4s turn was lively: Mulhern check-raised Pichierri’s bet of 300,000 to 600,000 and got the call, kicking the side pot into real action.

The river: Qs. Now Mulhern moved all in for roughly 800,000 and Pichierri gave up.

Mulhern showed down 4c 4d for a full house, while Ntamaris tabled Kh Js to sighs from his rail. Mulhern’s stack is now around 3,300,000.