Flopped Flush does Da Dirty

Flopped Flush does Da Dirty

Daniel Golder had bet every street after a 4h 9h 6h flop, a Jd turn, and a Qc river.

And on the last of those he bet very big, some 50,000, which was more than half of Peter Da’s stack.

Da was reluctant to call, even though he had Jh Th, a flopped flush, and not the weakest one either.

“How can you fold?” Golder asked. “What if I go all-in?”

The two agreed that the river bet was never a bluff, though Golder was trying to tell the story he could have sized his bet that way with a set. It didn’t much seem like Da believed that.

The blow proved fatal for Da however, as he was eliminated a few rounds later, finishing 29th.

With late registration all done, we can confirm that the top 13 finishers will be paid and this tournament is going to wrap up today.