Five Way Flop Leads to Monsterpotten

Five Way Flop Leads to Monsterpotten

Ian Simpson started all the trouble, raising under the gun to 5,500 in the waning minutes of the 1,000-2,500 level, the last in which to late register, as it happens.

He got called, by Sihao Zhang, then Alex Peffly, then Joseph Field in the small blind, and Christos Xanthopoulo in the big. The flop spelt trouble itself — Qc Jc 9h.

With loads already in the pot, Ian was determined, he bet 22,000 into what seemed to be about 30,000. He bought himself position, as Zhang and Peffly got out of the way.

Field put in a serious raise to 59,000. It came back to Ian, who called.

The turn was the blankest card in the deck, the 2d. Some 148,000 was in this pot. Field might not have asked for a better card, and moved all in for 82,000.

Simpson did not have a clear decision, and mulled. To bet into four opponents and call a raise, one would think a sparkling holding. But in the end, it didn’t shine bright enough to blind him, and he let it go. Field mentioned “No comment,” when asked later about his holding. ” “I’ve never talked to a journalist before.”