Fireworks at table 70

Fireworks at table 70

There’s some fun hands playing out on table 70, where monster stack Alan Cavanagh resides (150,000 ish). He’ll feature shortly but first we saw two shorter stacks play out an interesting pot.

First off Jonathen McCullagh raised preflop to 2k, called by Stuart Kerridge. The board fell 8c 6h 3s – and Kerridge led out 2k at this unassuming flop. McCullagh called in position.

The 9h on the turn again looked relatively inconsequential, but how wrong this proved to be, as Kerridge fired out 6k, McCullagh now raised all-in and Kerridge called!

Kerridge: 7-5 for the turned straight &
McCullagh: 6-8 for flopped two pair.

Two pretty well-disguised hands but Kerridge had a chunky advantage with the 2nd nut straight, and his advantage held on the river. He stoically gathered up the pot (rising to just under 60,000) while McCullagh mumbled to himself quietly following this cooler. (Down to 35,000.)