Duthie Ducks into Trouble

Duthie Ducks into Trouble

John Duthie is a name that will be familiar to many – the evergreen ambassador for poker having shuffled chips in virtually every corner of the poker world over his years playing.

He will have to shake off a poor start here though. We joined Duthie three-betting to 1,600 on the button after Michael Dowdall had opened to 600. Dowdall called.

The pair saw a 4c 8h 2d board arrive and a check from Dowdall saw Duthie chuckle before checking himself.

The 3h on the turn was the cue for action as Dowdall bet out 1,000 and Duthie raised to 3,500….Dowdall making the call. The river was the Ts and when Dowdall checked, Duthie announced “I give up” before checking himself and showing Kh Qh.

“Why didn’t you bet????” lamented Dowdall, turning up pocket deuces for a set of ducks.

“I did bet….I had kind of a nice hand,” said Duthie, pointing out his flush draw and overcards on the turn. “You made a bad preflop call,” he added mischievously.

“What? I was set-mining. It’s never a bad call when you hit your set!” Dowdall said, defending his play.

Duthie may be enjoying the banter but with 19,000 to his name, he has some work ahead if he fancies his chances of picking up this opening trophy. Dowdall meanwhile is over 60,000 – which will be there or thereabouts the chip lead at this point.