Curtis Thorpe Eliminated in 9th Place (€2,280)

Curtis Thorpe Eliminated in 9th Place (€2,280)

Level 25: 40,000-80,000/80,000

Colin Horgan raised to 160,000 from under the gun and Guillermo Gordo pushed all-in from the big blind.

“I am not sure I can fold this,” Horgan said and then called it off for around 1.8 million with the . Gordo had the and they chopped despite a hefty sweat on the runout.

One hand later, Curtis Thorpe pushed for his last 185,000 from an early position. Christopher Funari three-bet to 300,000 one seat over and Horgan jammed in the big blind. Funari reluctantly folded and flashed pocket jacks.

“That’s not good,” Thorpe gritted as his was in rough shape versus .

Thorpe prayed for a split pot but the kicker played on the runout. The final eight now take a very brief break for the official final table picture.

Guillermo Gordo – 2,300,000
Colin Horgan – 2,300,000
Christopher Funari – 1,950,000
Curtis Thorpe – Eliminated in 9th Place (€2,280)