Conor ODriscoll Knocks out Martijn Gerrits

Conor ODriscoll Knocks out Martijn Gerrits

The flop was Qd high with two wheel cards, the 4d and the 5h we reckon, but things are getting a bit misty out here in the wee hours of the night.

Consummate professional Martijn Gerrits was up against a rather soggy Conor O’Driscoll. All the chips went in and the board ran out 2s, 4h.

It was Ac Qd for Gerrits, but Ks Kc for O’Discroll.

“When the drunk guy gets kings…” the latter opined, as if he was on the turn of a well known phrase. But Godot would sooner turn up.

In sum, chips went O’Driscoll’s way and he is third in chips at the moment with 129k. Gerrits left the premises, surely to fight another day.