Chip Race Break With 32 Left

Chip Race Break With 32 Left

Level 14: 3,000-6,000/6,000
Field: 32/283

Upon completion of level 14, the remaining 32 players were sent on a scheduled 20-minute break during which the T-500 chips were raced off.

Latest casualties at the end of the level were Sergejus Jakovlevas, Nikolaos Angelou-Konstas, Aleksi Lindholm and Symeon Alexandridis.

Jakovlevas got it in with the against Henri Ojala on a . The turn brought the set but the river improved Ojala to a flush.

Angelou-Konstas was ousted by Javier Francort when the were cracked by when the board brought .

Francort moved to 290,000.