Byrne Busts Valters (18th) in Million Chip Plus Pot

Byrne Busts Valters (18th) in Million Chip Plus Pot

The hand that saw the elimination of early chip leader Janis Valters started slowly, the pot remaining small until the turn. The blinds are now 10k/20k, and when Jamie Byrne checked to sole opponent Valters with the board standing 6h 8s 8h 6d, he bet 40,000. Byrne made the call.

The river brought the Th and another check from Byrne. Valters bet 190,000 (from a total stack of around 500,000). Byrne now check-raised all in, for a little more than his opponent’s stack, and received the call.

Valters: Js 8d
Byrne: Tc Ts

House over house is what it took to bust Valters, and with that hand Byrne is tidying a stack of over a million chips.

Near simultaneously on Table 3, Ian Gascoigne was eliminated by Baptiste Duny in 17th place; both busted players received €950.