Bounteous Harvest for Walden

Bounteous Harvest for Walden

Not bad

Jamie Walden seems have got bored after losing a mid-sized pot to Andrew Dickinson (check-called a 500k bet on the river of a 3d 6c Kc Qd 5h board, then mucked to Dickinson’s 2d 4s for a straight), and decided it was time to pull his two bounties courtesy of Parker Talbot and Mircea Rus.

Great excitement!

The first envelope…

€1k! Boring. He shrugged and turned to the second one. He peeled the corner of it open, veeeerrry very slowly…


The second biggest prize is now gone – all that’s left to draw now is 2 x €1k, 1 x €2k, and the ✨€25k✨ Bounty of Bounties. Four players and four envelopes remain.