Black and Sievers Dodge Bullets

Black and Sievers Dodge Bullets

The “you can’t talk about the hand with more than two players in it” rule came into play just now in an odd three-way spot. Andy Black had opened to 6,500 in the cutoff and small blind Russel Wheatley had moved all in for 54,000. Now big blind Nicolas Sievers went into the tank…

Wheatley said something like, “If you’re thinking about it, you must have the kings” which prompted a quick reminder that chatting about the hand was only OK heads up. Sievers finally folded and suddenly Black was all curiosity.

“Help me brother,” he said. “Talk to me. We’re heads up now.”

“I don’t want to now.”


After the dealer counted down his stack, Black folded pocket nines face-up and was rewarded with a glimpse of Wheatley’s pocket aces.

“I folded ace-king!” a delighted Sievers announced.