Beckmann Busts Suutari; Doubles Eskes

Beckmann Busts Suutari; Doubles Eskes

Level 20: 10,000-25,000/25,000
Field: 10/172 Remaining

Juho Suutari was all-in for the last 175,000 in the cutoff and Simon Beckmann called from the big blind.

Suutari was ahead with versus but Beckmann got there with the runout to reduce the field to the final ten.

Beckmann then tried to earn another knockout when taking on Tjenno Eskes preflop with versus . Eskes had reason to celebrate on the board to put a dent into Beckmann’s stack.

Tjenno Eskes – 700,000
Simon Beckmann – 600,000
Juho Suutari – Eliminated in 11th Place (€10,800)

Juho Suutari