Astounding Fold from Wilson

Astounding Fold from Wilson

You gotta know when to fold ’em, and Dan Wilson is going to feel very, very good about himself when he watches this one back later.

Having woken up to Ah Kh under the gun, Wilson opened to 320k and got a single call – Steve O’Dwyer holding Ad Qd. They saw a flop.

Qc Tc 6h

Wilson bet out 350k but O’Dwyer made it 1.1 million with his pair of queens. Wilson made the call, and they saw a turn.

Oh wow: As

Wilson checked his brand new top pair, top kicker over to O’Dwyer, who now bet 1.4 million with his two pair. Wilson disappeared into the tank. He stayed there for some time while the commentators and bloggers alike loudly opined to each other that there was absolutely no way Wilson could get away. And yet…

A fold from Wilson.

This is why these boys get paid the big bucks. We are very, very impressed.