Andrew Hedley eliminated 13th (€8,425), Ian Simpson 12th (€8,425)

Andrew Hedley eliminated 13th (€8,425), Ian Simpson 12th (€8,425)

Alex Peffly moved all-in from the button, swinging his big stack around, so to speak. Marc Macdonnell got out of the way in the small blind, and it came to Andrew Hedley in the big.

Hedley was short, with 94,000 back at 6,000-12,000, about 8 big blinds. He found a pair in the hole and it was good enough to go with. Peffly, who has started to run rather purely lately, had pocket sevens.

So it was 7c 7h for Peffly, 2h 2c for Hedley, 230,000 in the pot, and Kc Tc 8h on the flop.

Big trouble in other words. The Jd turn and 7s river sealed matters as Hedley finishes in 13th place, for €8,425. Peffly has been chip leading or near chip leading for some time now.

Peffly running things

The very next hand, Ian Simpson woke up with As Qh, and first to act at the now five-handed feature table, moved all-in for 143,000, nearly 12 big blinds exactly.

Peffly, next to him, had Ah Jc in the cutoff and flat called the shove. The other players got out of the way and it was a dominating situation for the at-risk Simpson.

Jd 4s 2s on the flop, Peffly running red hot

9d then turned, for a queen Simpson yearned

4c on the river, to the rail he went hither

Not a bad return on investment considering Simpson had won his seat via 500 Euro satellite yesterday afternoon. Meanwhile Peffly solidified his present chip lead.