Ahuja and Schluter play a big one

Ahuja and Schluter play a big one

At 400-800-800 Ankit Ahuja raised to 900 in early position. Heinz Schluter three-bet in the cutoff to 4,600. This caused Ahuja to take pause as the rest of the table got out of the way.

After surveying his own stack a bit, Ahuja called the three-bet. There was an even 10,000 in the pot, two beautiful yellow chips.

This is Ahuja’s second bullet, so we aren’t sure he’s had much time to develop much history with Schluter. The flop was Qd Qc 5s. It went check check.

The turn Th brought some drawing possibilities. Ahuja bet out 3,500, which Schluter called.

The river 4h was a true brick. Ahuja loaded up a hefty bet, 10,200. Schluter was none too happy but clearly felt obliged to call.

The second bullet might be the charm, as Ahuja tabled Kd Qs for flopped trips second kicker. Schluter could only keep his head down and, steady-handed, slide his hand towards the muck.

We’re into our last break of the day with 56 of the 75 entries still betting and raising. The pace of eliminations is likely to increase as blinds go up to 600-1,200-1,200.