Willis’ 2nd Bullet Misfires

Willis’ 2nd Bullet Misfires

Bob Willis just went out in an interesting hand that saw bigstacks Stephen Kavanagh and Robbie McCormack involved in a tussle preflop.

We caught what looked like a raise from to Kavanagh to 10k off around 150,000, flatted by McCormack, before shortstack Willis jammed all-in for around 20k.

Kavanagh called and McCormack now shoved. Kavanagh looked a bit put out but eventually folded, giving up any claim on the pot.

Pocket nines for Willis and for McCormack. McCormack duly won the flip to eliminate Willis, moving to 130k but Kavanagh wasn’t best pleased, to say the least.

“You were behind us both,” he grumbled, his stack still a healthy 150k.

UPDATE: It seems as though this situation may have initiated a touch of tilt for Kavanagh as we returned to his table to find all his chips in the middle with a pair and straight draw – his opponent’s top pair holding and Kavanagh leaving the table – stack demolished!