Why Are You Sorry?

Why Are You Sorry?

Volodymyr Fasii

Kenneth Broad has been eliminated (Level 4), his turned two-pair coming up short against that of Volodymyr Fasii. When the call of “all in” rang out, the board stood Js 3s 6c 9d, and Broad’s last 12,500 was headed over the line. It turns out that the nine was decisive in this line-heading-over:

Broad: 9c 6d
Fasii: 9h Js

“Nice hand,” said Broad, as he stood up from his seat.

“Sorry,” muttered Fasii, adding his new chips into his full stack of (now) 62,000.

“Why are you sorry? Nice hand…”

This is a tricky question to answer, when the level of sorriness is usually low, even in a wince-inducing outdraw situation, and Fasii may have been wise not to attempt to do so.