Waheed Ashraf Winking and Binking

Waheed Ashraf Winking and Binking

Andrew Doran was the unlucky person to learn what most already know — Waheed Ashraf is not to be trifled with.

Doran was deep in the tank on a fairly innocuous board, Ts 2d 5h, 3d, 3s.

The pot was enormous, already a starting stack’s worth, nearly 30,000. Doran had checked the river to the Hendon Mob Champion, who bet 10,000 casually in position.

Doran made some inquiries, which Ashraf was quick to turn into some banter. He even had time to give a wink to the live reporter who had stumbled onto the pot as it was developing.

Doran’s curiosity got the better of him, as if he needed to know how it was that Ashraf had him beat. When he called the bet he got to see 4h 6h, the nuts had been binked on the turn.