Van Den Bogert Out 10th (€4,320)

Van Den Bogert Out 10th (€4,320)

A slow period where there things tightened up for a while has been followed by an avalanche of action and it culminated with the demise of Jan-Joost Van Den Bergen.

Things had been looking great for Jan-Joost. He’d just secured a full double-up and was looking like he could be a contender with 650k ish.

Finding he jammed once again for his stack from the cut-off but this time he ran into trouble…

Behind him there was an allin announced from the button, before the action fell on Eriks Krumins, last to act in the big blind who shook his head and also made the call for his entire 720k stack!


Incredible situation and very bad for Van Den Bogert, needing to find a seven.

The board fell [6]d – cementing a juicy triple up for Krumins, who punched the air and yelled “Yes!” as his win in this high variance spot was confirmed.

That was the end for Van Den Bogert though, whose promising run fizzles out in 10th spot for €4,320.

Final table to come!