Launch of the (unofficial) Firaldo Irish Open Leaderboard – starts today!

Triple Crown winner Niall “Firaldo” Farrell has added even more fun to this year’s Irish Open by setting up his own unofficial leaderboard. The Firaldo Irish Open Leaderboard –  a unique combo of poker tournaments and three NON-poker events – is the first time that anyone has ever attempted to combine the entertainment elements of the Irish Open and the actual poker in a competitive format.

And it’s not just for kudos either – the winner will get a fab trophy supplied by PokerStars AND a PokerStars Silver Power Pass worth $2,500 PLUS the chance to either win two hours’ coaching (poker presumably) from Firaldo OR get your Sunday bar tab covered PLUS you get the Leaderboard named after you for Irish Open 2025.  

Firaldo said: “I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for the Irish Open – and the Leaderboard – to start. Come along and get involved!”  A huge number of well-known players have already “reg’d” for the Leaderboard including PokerStars Team Pros Spraggy, Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot and Felix Schneiders, PokerStars ambassador Marle Spragg, Dara O’Kearney, Benny Glaser, Steve Warburton, Ian Simpson, Asif Warris, Roland Boothby and Mick Graydon.

Poker tournaments

The eligible poker tourneys are Events 1, 4, 6, 13, 15 and 20. Note – the action kicks off TODAY (Monday, March 25) – Event 1 is the €350 NLH six-max starting at 2pm. Firaldo will update standings nightly on Twitter/X. Videos, pictures and other content from contestants will be on his Instagram feed.

Non-poker final

The top four total cashers across the six poker events (Monday to Thursday) go through to a three-part non-poker final on Saturday which involves:
A) Split the G – without looking, drink part of a pint of Guinness down to the top (or “spur”) of the capital letter G on the glass.
B) win as much as you can with a €10 bet on any televised horse race (Firaldo will bankroll your bet)
C) The craic – participate (and get judged) in Saturday night’s karaoke in the Craic Den player lounge. Starts around 11.30pm.

How to enter

You can enter in multiple ways – tweet Firaldo, send him an Instagram message or go find him in the tournament room and give him your name. All entrants must reg by the end of late reg in Event 1 – around 5.30pm today.