Three Starting Flights Remain in the €200 Mini Main Championship

Three Starting Flights Remain in the €200 Mini Main Championship

Yesterday’s two weekend flights of the €200 Mini Irish Open – Day 1E and Day 1F – were the biggest yet and ensured that the €500k guarantee was surpassed in the evening flight, as the tally of 2,942 entries was eclipsed.

Day 1E saw a bumper 724 entrants squeeze into the Royal Dublin Society with Evan Lester (915,000) leading the 56 players remaining once the cut-off point of 8% of the field remained. As usual, 15% of the field were all guaranteed a cash for their efforts.

Day 1F was then even busier as the flood of players almost reached four digits. A total of 920 entries brought the grand total of Mini entrants to 3,193. At the end of the night, none other than Albert Sapiano had accumulated a chip leading stack of 985,000 which he’ll be looking forward to turning into a tilt at the title on Day 2.

Every day, 8% of the field get through. Here are the stats so far.

•⁠ ⁠Day 1a: 302 entries – 23 through to the final
•⁠ ⁠Day 1b: 377 entries – 30 through to the final
•⁠ ⁠Day 1c: 383 entries – 29 through to the final
•⁠ ⁠Day 1d: 487 entries – 39 through to the final
•⁠ ⁠Day 1e: 724 entries – 56 through to the final
•⁠ ⁠Day 1f: 920 entries – 74 through to the final

There are three whole more flights to come today and that overall number will grow significantly. It all kicks off at 11 am local time with Day 1g and the morning flight is currently up to nearly 250 entries after two levels of play.

At 3pm local time, the penultimate flight Day 1h kicks off with the late registration open until approximately 6.40pm while the last chance Day 1i then concludes the Easter Egg hunt for the starting flights in the €200 Mini Main Championship as of 8pm local time.