Thin for The Win

Thin for The Win

€5k might be a touch higher than Spraggy’s normal buy-in levels but he’s finding his way in the tournament, having some fun as he does so.

Moments ago, he called a raise to 1k from Fredrik Thiemer from the big blind, announcing loudly, “I’LL DEFEND!” adding “are you proud of me Bert?” to his sparring partner turned mentor, Girafganger7.

A board was checked to Thiemer who bet out 800. Spraggy called. Both players checked the…[Edit: apologies – our notes from this point on were partially obscured by spillages caused by a collision with a man holding a drink and some chips.]

….both players checked the splash of Guinness before a smudge of ketchup arrived on the river. (The cards were relative bricks though we recall.)

Spraggy bet out 1k quietly, a few moments later garnishing his bet with the quote, “might be a little thin…and I think we’ll find out,” before giggling mischievously.

Thiemer folded.

“Did you have a pair?” asked Spraggy to a little nod. “YES! YES??? Then it was definitely too thin…”

Spraggy remains around his 50,000 starting stack…for now.