Thiago Azevedo Out 6th (€6,005)

Thiago Azevedo Out 6th (€6,005)

Flying at certain points of the tournament, Azevedo has crash-landed and finds himself on the rail due to a couple of unfortunate hands.

Holding pocket sevens, he saw Michal Havanka raise half his 900k stack before setting him in for the remaining 450k. Havanka called him with ace-eight and looked like he was hitting the rail on the 4-9-2-T board, until a dramatic eight arrived on the river to spare him.

Azevedo was now short and when he found sixes on the button was happy to jam an unopened spot. Unfortunately, Vitaly Kryza found A-T, called and duly made a straight over a 7s 8c 9h Jd 9s board.

That was it for Azevedo. Well played sir!

Kryza’s celebrations were short-lived though as his big stack received a whopping blow running his rivered queen high flush straight into Michal Havavk’s nut flush giving the Slovakian a full double up…

Havavk is now a clear chip leader with over 4.2M to his name…