The Tonkaaaap Poker Clinic

The Tonkaaaap Poker Clinic

It’s not every day you get a High Stakes crusher like Parker Talbot fresh off his first live tournament win giving you out free advice.

Benjamin Labor discussed the merits of a strategic fold he’d made and Talbot, having answered him once, was blunt but clear in his response.

“I’ve answered that once, I won’t answer that again. Never in a billion years would I fold. I’ve now moved on from that discussion,” Talbot said in a friendly but firm manner. Tablemate Spraggy was giggling to himself at this.

Labor wasn’t entirely dissuaded though and tried to engage him a little more. “See, what I thought was…”

“NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS!” Talbot reiterated interrupting – closing the case on that one!

Another happy patient cured at the Talbot poker clinic!

We’ll try and find out the details but we believe it was a preflop fold of A-Q. Tonkaaaap is doing reasonably, albeit a touch below average – up to 120,000…