The Tal-ented Mr Chip-ley

The Tal-ented Mr Chip-ley

Blinds: 400/800

With the break imminent, and players dropping like flies, we saw Roni Tal doing well, chipping up frequently.

Most recently he raised the limping Willie O’Hora to 3,000, also called by Adam Bolger. The board fell and Tal started counting out a large bet.

Both players folded. “Check?” he said as a joke before collecting the pot that seemed to be inevitably heading his way. He’s up to 54,000.

Also sharing the table is Jon Kalmar, who had an exciting run to 5th in the WSOP Main Event in 2,007, for $1,255,069. He’ll have to find some cards if he is to stand a chance here though, his stack down to around 18,000 at this point…