The Scandinavian Table

The Scandinavian Table

Level 23: 15,000-30,000/30,000
Field: 271/5,320

EPT Prague 2023 runner-up Jon Kyte and Hans Erlandsson who made fairly deep in EPT Paris 2024 are sitting next to each other in the tournament. Kyte’s been at the Irish Open all week, whilst Erlandsson arrived a couple of days later.

Swedish Hans Erlandsson.

Kyte opened to 60,000 prior to Conor Lawler moving all in for 325,000. “Really, again?”, kyte laughed as the other players at the table folded to the Lawler shove. When it was Kyte’s turn to act, he threw in the chips to make the call.

Jon Kyte:
Conor Lawler:

Kyte had his opponent in rough shape, but that didn’t stop Lawler from hitting a runner-runner flush on .

Jon Kyte – 550,000
Conor Lawler – 680,000

Jon Kyte from the other day.