The Answer is Forty-Two

The Answer is Forty-Two

Level 18: 8,000-16,000/16,000

Something incredible has happened in the last ten minutes. The clock was stuck on 42 players remaining, indicating that this tournament might turn into a marathon session at the tables. Whether or not any of the players have watched Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, we don’t actually know.

Roland Boothby lost a portion of his big stack when doubling Uros Kanic-Mitrovic in a pot worth 400,000, but he still has 550,000 left in the new level. The same table also features David Lappin with a healthy 500,000, who earlier moaned in a “I got a stack early on in the other events but didn’t even cash”.

Thomas Gallagher also doubled to the same half a million when the suited turned top pair on at the expense of Richard Harrison.

Shortly after that, two players exited in Chris Johnson and Harrison departed for €630 each to reduce the field to the final five tables.