The Action Escalates

The Action Escalates

Level 19: 10,000-20,000/20,000
Field: 13/283

Dermot Flanagan defended against a raise to 50,000 and then jammed into Alan Dillon on a flop of and got away with it, as Dillon didn’t want to invest one third of his stack for 125,000.

Eoghan Rogers then bounced back against Kasper Mellanen when they got it in after the . Rogers held the [clubs-] , up against .

The turn and river improved Rogers and he doubled for 110,000.

Richard Ashby then crashed out against Robin Panholzer when his flopped nut flush draw and turned wrap with [diamond-6] on had a ton of equity. Panholzer stayed ahead with the as the river gave him two pair.

At the same time on table three, Kalle Harju and Keiran Lynch were playing for stacks on a flop. Harju’s on the button was up versus Lynch’s in the small blind.

Lynch was at risk for 695,000 and scored a huge double with the turn and river. He moved to 1.8 million or so, Panholzer is the nearest follower.