Le Wins Monster to Snatch Chip Lead

Le Wins Monster to Snatch Chip Lead

We’d been warned Tan Le was a dangerous man, his growing stacks tangible evidence of that. Then we saw him play out a pot that explained his burgeoning reputation.

Last hand of the night Le opened to 2,600 – called by Daniel Golder in position.

The board fell 8c 7s 8h – Le fired out 4,400 and Golder called.

The turn was the Jd – Le bet 13k. Golder called.

The river fell the 7d. Le checked, Golder bet 45k out of circa 80k. Le made the call…with Ad 9d. It was good…

Great call.

Michael Wharton, Le’s tablemate, summed up the feelings of many at Le’s table.

Stay away from Dead Le!” That nickname might well catch on… Le meanwhile, who may now be the chip leader, had his own thoughts.

“That’s how you play,” he said, fist-bumping Wharton in celebration. We love it.