Swift Eliminations Incoming

Swift Eliminations Incoming

Level 16: 5,000-10,000/10,000

I have bad news if you were following Mingrui Cen, Rory Jennings, Matti Lasanen, and Eduardo Cassemiro as they have all busted.

Katie Swift has, too, as has Robin Roth. They sent their chips to Timothy Silman as part of a three-way all-in in which Roth was involved with the . Silman had the while Swift had a big flip holding the .

The board ran out . Roth was covered while Swift had one blind left, Silman skyrocketed to 340,000. Three other players busted before Swift fell in the very next hand but they all received €545 anyways.

We are now down to just 54 players as the chips are flying!

Katie Swift