Steven John Warburton Makes a Very Solid Fold

Steven John Warburton Makes a Very Solid Fold

The board was 3c Ah 6s, Jh, Jd and Steven John Warburton had the action on him. He cut out three green chips, 15,000, and placed the wager.

Across the table from him, Anthony FitzPatrick had checked the river. Now he moved all-in. It wasn’t that much more, maybe 45,000 total.

Warburton knew he was beat straight away.

He knew he was beat but it took him a bit of time to let it go still. When he did, he folded the Kc Jc face up. Trips top kicker, but he got away.

A show for a show, FitzPatrick revealed the Ad Js for the full house.

“I still lost 15k,” Warburton replied when asked if he was feeling elation. We think though he probably was. Few in the field could have gotten away from the same situation.

Class fold by SJW