Steve and Justin Play Big Pot Poker

Steve and Justin Play Big Pot Poker

Steve O’Dwyer has been in the main event for quite some time, but until just recently, no one had seen him play a hand. In fact, it was not clear if the man was even breathing, such was the stationary quality of his pose.

But to end the second last level of the night, the MTT monster finally stirred, and the resulting hand was worth the wait.

First, O’Dwyer opened under the gun, and was flat called in three spots, one player in mid position and both blinds. Four way to the Kd Ts 2h flop, the blinds checked to O’Dwyer, who continuation bet 2,200 into the field. This was called by Guy Johnson and Darren Walker.

In the big blind was Justin Tsui. He was not interested in either calling or folding. He raised to 12,800. With two players left to act behind, O’Dwyer made the call. Johnson and Walker ducked out of the way.

The turn was the 9s. The only strong draw on the flop had come in and Tsui pushed forward, betting 19,500.

Again O’Dwyer called, the picture of imperturbability. The pot going into the river was already 80,000.

The one single exact card, the Ks, which completed the flush draw and paired the board, did in fact, land on the river. Tsui did not need a long tank to jam, about 43,000.

O’Dwyer took a bit longer. There was only 1 combination of K2s in the deck, Kc 2c, but that’s what Tsui turned up after O’Dwyer made the call with Kh Qd. The pot was over 160,000 and when the stacks were counted down, it left just 400 chips for O’Dwyer, who would bust his bullet shortly thereafter.