Step Forward High Rollers

Step Forward High Rollers

The €5k Luxon High Roller 8-Max with unlimited entries should see some interesting faces congregate to battle for the title. All the tournaments so far at this year’s Irish Open have been in the lower buy-in bracket but now those with deeper wallets get the opportunity to up the stakes.

This will be no war of attrition, with 40 minute levels, of which there will be 8 played out today before Day 2. With these relatively swift levels, there should be plenty of action before the day is done.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the combatants as this breezy evening of poker progresses.

Few points of order, the players will have 50,000 chips to start and unlimited entries to take a second, third or further swing at the title should they whiff their first shot.

Good luck High Rollers!