Spraggy Playing Four Cards

Spraggy Playing Four Cards

PokerStars Team Pro Benjamin “Spraggy” Spraggs didn’t wind up re-entering the €200 Mini Main Event on Day 1a. At least not yet.

Instead, he wound up entering the one-bullet €550 PLO Mystery Bounty and now is questioning some life choices. Spraggy is sat next to Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk who has taken to the Irish tradition year in and year out.

“You are the guy that fell asleep in the Main Event,” Spraggy remembered.

Franke’s notorious laugh could be heard from around the room as that very situation happened a couple of years ago deep in the Main Event. Franke doesn’t have time to play the Main Event this year, so instead will hop into a few one-day events.

We shared a story about an epic Franke win to Spraggy on Franke’s request and after Spraggy shared he had no illusions in going deep.

“I will fire this bullet and add to the prize pool,” said Spraggy before the duo and others at the table moved onto the next hand.

Benjamin Spragg