Silver and Simpson Dance a Duel

Silver and Simpson Dance a Duel

Ian Simpson raised to 1,000 in the cutoff at 200-400-400 and it folded to Max Silver, who three-bet to 4,000. Simpson called quick as a bunny.

The flop fell Qc 3s 5s. Silver continuation bet for 3,000, which Ian called. The turn was the 6h and now Silver checked (there is a first time for everything).

Simpson placed a healthy wager, 7,000. This pot inflation set up an all-in raise for Silver, it was to something around 40,000 total, 33,000 more to his opponent. Simpson did not wait too long to call with Ad Qd, and being covered, Silver would need to improve with the biggest draw in the universe, 7s 8s for the open ender and flush draw.

Big pot … the river was a 2h. “It was a fair hand,” was Max’s comment as he got right up, bought in again, and got sat right back at the same table (albeit in a different seat). Chips are flying so far in this high roller as the number of entries has surpassed 70.

Max Silver, undeterred