Selles Meijer Among Next to Fall

Selles Meijer Among Next to Fall

Level 30: 60,000-120,000/120,000
Field: 51/5,320 Remaining

Yoel Selles Meijer had jammed and Stefano Matassa came along from the next seat, as did Ioannis Poullos. There was some confusion whether or not either of the active players could raise but the initial sizes stood.

On the flop, Matassa checked, then shook his head and folded when Poullos bet 125,000.

Yoel Selles Meijer:
Ioannis Poullos:

The superior pair remained ahead on the turn as well as the river to knock out the Spaniard.

Stefano Matassa – 6,400,000
Ioannis Poullos – 5,300,000