Sapiano Saved from Szling Flop

Sapiano Saved from Szling Flop

Albert Sapiano just dodged a bullet, raising to 5k, his opponent Daniel Sz re-raising to 20k, Sapiano calling before brain-freeze seemed to overtake both opponents as they tabled their holdings, despite both having 80k or so still behind.

Sapiano: Kd 8d

Sz: Js Jh

This was a strange turn of events, the floor was called and she ruled the action could continue. The door was shut on that idea as the flop came J-3-3 to give Sz a dramatic full house.

“I think I’ll check,” Sapiano said as the table guffawed with laughter. “I would have shoved on that!” – he added, perhaps needling his opponent a touch!

Sz took down the pot unsurprisingly, pointing out Sapiano was a touch fortunate.. Both continue with circa 90k…