Robert Kaggerud gets pair coolered, out in 5th (€32,430)

Robert Kaggerud gets pair coolered, out in 5th (€32,430)

Nadeem Majid raised under the gun five handed to 90,000 and Robert Kaggerud had an easy three-bet all-in with pocket sixes. The problem lay in the big blind and it was a big problem. Chistos Xanthopoulos had aces.

Kaggerud went all-in for 640,000 and when it came to Xanthopoulos he naturally called. Majid actually got away from two tens, so Kaggerud got pair coolered any which way. Looking on the live stream of the folded hole cards was only to make things worse — there wasn’t a six left in the deck.

Kaggerud would need clubs (because Xanthopoulos and him shared diamonds) or some other miracle.

The flop illuminated a possibility — Qh 9d Jc — of chopping by way of a five straight. The Kc meant Kaggerud was dead dead, a ten would be a straight on board, but aces would play it a rank higher.

Left with a few blinds Kaggerud was out the next hand, 32,430 Euros richer. Xanthopoulos gets out of the danger zone.